The Barking Lot Ltd.

Day Care

The Indoor Playroom

We have a great indoor play area filled with toys and activities for your dog to enjoy whilst socialising with their friends at Teesside’s premier dog care centre.

Healthy play is our priority and your dog will be provided with plenty of toys and our large indoor space can be divided up as necessary to ensure that all dogs are comfortable and happy with their playmates.

The size, age and personality of your dog will all be taken into consideration when allocating them to a playgroup.

Indoor Play equipment Infoor play equipment, ball pool         Dog with Party hat on!

We  get your dogs to take part in lots of activities when they are in our care.

They love playing with their toys and are always up for some fetch and tug fun!

We also like to play hide and seek with the dogs and the scent work is a great brain stimulus. They love finding the different balls in the ball pool!

The Outside Playground


The large outdoor area will allow your dog to enjoy playing outside with their friends too! The large secure area is a great space for running around and burning off some energy.

Your dog will have a structured day with plenty of time for naps and feeds as well as play.

Each dog will also have a FREE walk included of half an hour to an hour. We often go to the Tees Barrage which is easily accessible from our venue and is a lovely outdoor space to have a good sniff around.


Screenshot 2015-05-22 16.04.43

We also like to tempt  our dogs into some water games, taking a dip in the various paddling pools or trying to catch the hosepipe.!


Outside playDog running towards camera Dog and waterslide image White dog playing happily outside at The Barking lot Shitzu dog outside Large dog and small dog touching nosesm happy together Cute dog from outside play

What are the benefits of day care?


paw-print-md Ideal for dogs who would be otherwise bored at home alone

paw-print-md Great socialisation for young dogs especially

paw-print-md Plenty of new friends

paw-print-md A structured routine to ensure plenty of rest as well as play

paw-print-md A stimulating environment staffed by experienced dog lovers

paw-print-md Your dog will come home exhausted and happy

paw-print-md Gives you peace of mind

 The experienced Barking Lot staff will ensure a good time in a safe and stimulating environment.


Please do give us a call on 01642 672229 or email to arrange your assessment session, we can’t wait to meet your pooch!