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Hot Dogs Grooming

Hot Dogs Grooming

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Our ‘Hot Dogs’ grooming area will give your dog the pampering they deserve. Your dog can choose from a variety of pamperings or treatments all carried out by our professionally trained groomer.

Prices vary depending on size and breed.


Grooming Price List


Full Groom

Xsmall Dog – Yorkie, Chihuahua                                               £23

Small Dog – Westie, Shih Tzu, Spaniel – Full Cut                    £29

– Trim                                                                                         £25

Medium Dog – Cockapoo                                                          £30

-Chow Chow                                                                              £30

-Poodle, Bichon, Schnauzer                                                      £32 (larger poodle + £6)

-Collie                                                                                        £34

Large Dog – Collie                                                                    £38

XL Dog – Labradoodle, Golden Doodle                                   £46

Giant Dog – German Shepard                                                 £50

Handstrip – Border Terrier                                                       £35

– Irish Wolfhound                                                                     £55


Bath only

Small Dog                                                                                    £6

Medium Dog                                                                                £8

Large Dog – Short hair                                                                 £10

– Long hair                                                                                   £12


Bath & Dry

Small Dog                                                                                     £12

Medium Dog                                                                                 £16

Large Dog – Short Hair                                                                £22

-Long hair                                                                                    £26

Giant dog                                                                                      £36



Ears Cleaned                                                                                  £6

Nails Clipped                                                                                   £6

Day Care (not full appointment)

‘Just Bath’                                                                                         From £7

Bath & Dry                                                                                         From £13

Nails                                                                                                  £3


Why not book them in for a pampering today, they’ll love it!

We love sharing our before and after shots, it is amazing how different they can look with a haircut.

Keep an eye out for our Facebook and Twitter  spot promotions for discounted treatments or any spare appointments  we have come up due to cancellations.


If you have any questions for our Dog Groomer, Kim, please do email or please message our Facebook page at