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Doggie’s Digest – 22nd May 2016

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Welcome back for the next instalment of Doggie’s Digest.

Thanks to Ola for being this weeks picture.

Saturday grooming appointments

We know during the week isn’t always convenient to get your dog an appointment in the grooming salon. We offer weekends appointments for just that reason.

The appointments need to be booked in advance and a quick message to us can secure that.

Get in touch today if we can help with get your pooch looking its best.

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Socialising your dog

Why leave your dog at home when they could make new friends and spend the day playing?

We offer a discount for a second dog if you have more than one!

The Blue Cross say the following about socialising a new puppy:

Experiences during the first year of a dog’s life make all the difference to future temperament and character. Taking the time to socialise your puppy can result in a friendly adult dog that enjoys the company of people, can be taken anywhere and lives life to the full.

We couldn’t agree more. Book your dog in to make new friends today.

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Booking in as we are full most days

We’ve mentioned this in previous blogs and this is just a gentle reminder. We are full to capacity most days (which is amazing!) however it means we won’t be able to accept dogs who haven’t got a booking.

We don’t want to disappoint anyone or their pooches so please contact us to book your dog in in advance.

We take bookings by phone, email, Facebook message or through Twitter.

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* That’s all for now folks, but we’ll update you again soon with all the goings on at The Barking Lot.

Get in touch via Facebook at thebarkinglotltd, email or call us on 01642672229 or 07984455097 *


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